Charly Jordan, the independent model, DJ, and social media sensation, was born on March 9, 1999, in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Her rise to fame is a testament to her multi-faceted talents and her ability to conquer various industries with her captivating presence.

Before she became a household name in the world of social media and modeling, Charly Jordan was an athlete. She dedicated 12 years of her life to competitive soccer and excelled in track for four years. Her passion and dedication to sports paid off, as she became a three-time state champion in track. Her remarkable achievements led to a full-ride track scholarship, an opportunity that many aspiring athletes dream of. However, Charly Jordan decided to take a different path, choosing not to pursue her scholarship and instead embark on a journey of her own making.

Charly’s decision to explore uncharted territories paid off in spectacular fashion. She ventured into the world of modeling and social media, where her charisma and stunning looks quickly garnered her a substantial following. Her Instagram account now boasts more than 4 million devoted followers, who eagerly await her posts and updates.

One of Charly’s many talents is her skill as a DJ. She has taken her music skills to some of the biggest music festivals around the world, including Pal Norte, EDC, and Coachella. Her dynamic sets have captivated audiences and further solidified her status as a versatile entertainer.

In addition to her success in modeling and music, Charly Jordan is known for her keen interest in various business ventures. She has a fascination with real estate, cars, insurance, and cryptocurrency, and her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her endeavors in these industries. Her desire to explore diverse fields is a testament to her determination and willingness to embrace new challenges.

Furthermore, Charly’s partnerships with notable brands such as Pura Vida, Forever 21, and Revolve have showcased her influence and fashion sense. She has become a sought-after influencer and collaborator in the fashion and lifestyle industries.

In a world where versatility and adaptability are key to success, Charly Jordan’s journey from a young athlete with a promising track scholarship to a multi-talented model, DJ, and social media sensation is nothing short of remarkable. Her story serves as an inspiration to those who dare to follow their dreams and carve their unique path to success. Charly Jordan’s impact in the world of entertainment and business continues to grow, making her a true influencer and role model for the digital age.


Bri Teresi is widely recognized as a stunning model and a talented golfer. Her life has been a journey of perseverance, hard work, and dedication, which has allowed her to succeed in both the modeling and golfing industries.

Bri Teresi was born on October 8, 1994, in Los Gatos, California. Growing up, she had a passion for sports, and her love for golf was nurtured by her father, who introduced her to the sport at an early age. Bri quickly fell in love with the game, spending countless hours honing her skills on the golf course.

Throughout her school years, Bri Teresi excelled in both academics and athletics. She attended Leigh High School, where she played on the varsity golf team. Her talent in golfing did not go unnoticed, and she received numerous accolades for her skills, including being named Most Valuable Player and earning All-League honors.

While her golfing abilities were flourishing, Bri also harbored dreams of pursuing a career in the modeling world. She was noticed by talent scouts during her teenage years and began booking small modeling gigs. However, the demanding nature of being a successful athlete and model presented its challenges.

Despite the difficulties, Bri Teresi persevered and found a way to balance both worlds. Her work ethic, discipline, and determination allowed her to excel in both fields. She would spend mornings on the golf course, perfecting her swing, and afternoons in various photoshoots, where she would effortlessly pose for the camera.

As Bri’s modeling career gained momentum, she began to gain recognition for her exotic looks and captivating beauty. Her striking blue eyes, flawless complexion, and hourglass figure made her a highly sought-after model for various brands and campaigns. She has worked with renowned fashion magazines like Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and GQ, further solidifying her place in the modeling industry. While her modeling career flourished, Bri Teresi never lost sight of her passion for golf. She continued to compete in tournaments, dedicating herself to improving her skills on the course. In 2012, she won the Long Drive World Championship in the Women’s Division, showcasing her exceptional talent and power on the golf tee. Bri Teresi’s success in both fields has allowed her to make a significant impact on her fans. Not only does she inspire aspiring models with her stunning looks and body of work, but she also motivates young girls to pursue their passion in sports. Her ability to excel in two highly demanding fields highlights the importance of determination, hard work, and the belief that one can achieve greatness if they set their mind to it. In her free time, Bri Teresi enjoys giving back to the community. She has regularly volunteered for various charities and has used her platform to raise awareness for important causes. Her warm heart and philanthropic efforts have endeared her to her fans and show that she is not just a model and golfer but also a compassionate human being. In conclusion, Bri Teresi’s life is a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work. Her success as a model and golfer has showcased her versatility and ability to excel in different fields. Bri Teresi continues to inspire people worldwide with her talent, beauty, and commitment to making a difference beyond the glamorous world of modeling and the competitive golfing arena.

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