Fabiola Guajardo

Fabiola Guajardo

First Name: Fabiola
Last Name: Guajardo
Full Name: Fabiola Guajardo
Nationality: Mexican
Date of Birth: January 5, 1987
Place of Birth: Monterrey, Mexico
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Measurements: (US) 34-24-35 (EU) 86-61-89
Height: 5.7 ; 169 cm

Fabiola Guajardo Instagram – @fabiolagdo






Laura G, born on June 28, 1985, in Monterrey, Mexico, has carved a prominent niche for herself in the entertainment industry as a Mexican TV personality. Her journey to stardom began at the tender age of 13 when she embarked on her career by hosting the TV Azteca Monterrey teen show Entre Chavos. Little did she know that this early start would pave the way for a successful and multifaceted career.

One of Laura G’s notable achievements is her self-titled show, Laura G TV, which has become synonymous with her charismatic on-screen presence and ability to connect with the audience. The show has undoubtedly been a testament to her versatility and enduring popularity. Additionally, she gained widespread recognition for hosting the variety show Sabadazo, showcasing her flair for entertainment across different formats.

Laura G’s foray into the news arena saw her becoming an entertainment reporter on Televisa’s news show Primero Noticias. This transition allowed her to showcase her skills beyond the realm of entertainment, proving her ability to adapt to various facets of the media industry.

Before Laura G became a household name, she started by hosting the TV Azteca Monterrey teen show Entre Chavos, demonstrating her passion and commitment to the world of television from a young age. This early exposure laid the foundation for her subsequent achievements and her status as a prominent figure in Mexican television.

Beyond her television career, Laura G has expanded her presence in the media landscape. Her appearance on the cover of Ximena Mexico and guest roles on popular TV shows like La Familia P. Luche and Atrévete a Soñar further solidify her standing in the entertainment industry.

Apart from her entertainment endeavors, Laura G exhibits a diverse range of interests, delving into areas such as insurance, real estate, cars, and crypto in Mexico. This eclectic mix of passions showcases her curiosity and engagement with various aspects of life beyond the camera.

In conclusion, Laura G’s journey from a teenage host to a renowned TV personality reflects her dedication, versatility, and enduring appeal in the Mexican entertainment scene. Her impact goes beyond television, encompassing a spectrum of interests that contribute to her well-rounded public persona.

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