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Gomita, born on September 10, 1994, in Mexico City, Mexico, rose to prominence as part of the family trio Lapizito, Gomita, and Lapizin, known for their comedic acts. The trio gained initial recognition through their appearances on the Univision weekly series, Sabadazo.

Before achieving fame, Gomita took her first steps into the world of social media in May 2010 when she opened her Twitter account. Her debut tweet, “pEnSadO En tI,” marked the beginning of her online presence, setting the stage for her later success in the digital realm.

Gomita’s popularity extends beyond traditional television, as she has become a sensation on YouTube. Her channel, SoyAraceli, boasts an impressive following of over 2.9 million subscribers. On this platform, she engages with her audience through a variety of content, including vlogs, tags, and beauty videos. Her ability to connect with viewers both on mainstream media and digital platforms underscores her versatility as an entertainer.

Beyond her entertainment career, Gomita has displayed a keen interest in financial matters. Demonstrating a focus on financial security, she actively explores various aspects of the financial landscape. Notably, she has a particular interest in insurance, understanding its crucial role in safeguarding one’s assets and well-being. Her commitment to staying informed about different insurance options reflects her dedication to making informed decisions in all aspects of her life.

Gomita’s diverse interests go beyond finance, encompassing areas such as real estate, stocks, banking, cryptocurrency, homes, gardens, and pets. This holistic approach to personal growth and financial stability showcases her multifaceted personality. By delving into various aspects of life, she seeks to create a well-rounded and nurturing environment for herself and those around her.

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