A pregnant cat looked hopefully at people passing by

Passers-by saw this cat all alone in the street. They didn’t immediately notice its rounded belly – but they immediately decided to help the mother-to-be.

Passers-by spotted this lonely cat on the streets of Cornwall, Canada. They didn’t immediately see its rounded belly – but when they noticed it was pregnant, they immediately decided to help. They took it to the vets, but they couldn’t find a microchip. So it was probably a stray and no one was looking for it.


Volunteers from the local shelter, Tiny But Mighty, came to the rescue. One of the volunteers took the cat into temporary care to look after the mother-to-be. The cat, named Willow, got used to its guardian and its new surroundings fairly quickly – it knew it was safe here and would be taken care of.

After two weeks in temporary care, Willow went into labour. The guardian had to worry – the process was problematic and she had to take the cat to the vet… But luckily everything went perfectly. The kittens were born by caesarean section and all turned out healthy and adorable.

After all the treatments, Willow began to be sensitive to the care and attention of its babies. It has proved to be a very gentle, attentive, and loving mummy. The guardian helps it with everything and its kittens are growing up strong and healthy.

The kittens are now two weeks old. They are already learning to walk and mum Willow is watching them every step of the way. When the kittens are old enough, permanent homes will be found for them and their mummy.

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