Elderly cat melted when it saw a tiny kitten

The shelter volunteer decided to introduce the rescued kitten to an elderly cat from the street and did not even expect how these two would become friends. The old cat immediately took the baby under its care!


A small red and white kitten was found on the streets in Texas. The weak but outgoing poor animal was covered in fleas and people immediately took him to the Firehouse Animal Health shelter. There he was accepted with joy and was given the nickname Garfield.

The baby was treated, after which he was sent to a place of temporary care. When the kitten opened up, it turned out that he had a wonderful character. He turned out to be a very affectionate and full of love creature. He constantly asked his guardians for affection and liked to lie on his guardians’ knees for a long time and purr.

A little later, little Garfield saw an elderly red cat near the house. It was an old cat named Pickles, who was occasionally fed by his guardian. He lived in a local cat colony, and this time the guardian took him in and decided to help.

The old cat was bathed and his ear was cured. A little later, he was introduced to Garfield – and they immediately became best friends. The elderly Pickles melted at the sight of the little kitten, and his paternal instincts awakened.

The two became inseparable. The kid followed his wise mentor everywhere, played with him and hugged him. Pickles also blossomed next to the kitten, becoming more affectionate and active. For now, the two are in temporary care, enjoying each other’s company. Later, permanent owners will be found for them.

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