The special cat hoped that its owner would take it away from the shelter – but he never came

Unfortunately, the owner of this special cat passed away and the relatives had to give it to a shelter. At first, the cat didn’t understand why it was alone in an unfamiliar place, and it was as if it was waiting for its owner…

This special adorable cat called Ben was brought to a shelter in New Milford, USA. Unfortunately, Ben’s owner passed away, so the owner’s relatives decided to give the cat to the local shelter. Ben had congenital strabismus, and because of the special features of his muzzle, it seems that he is always sad. But he isn’t.

Despite his peculiarities and sad story, Ben is a happy, kind and sweetest cat. Once at the shelter, of course, he was a little anxious at first, as if he was waiting every day for his owner to come and take him. Then the excitement and stress passed, and all the shelter staff fell in love with this handsome fellow. They started looking for permanent owners for him almost immediately…

But a year has passed and Ben is still patiently waiting for ‘his’ people. Every day when the doors to the shelter open, he hopes it’s for him. After all, this little one deserves only the best. The shelter staff is also waiting to find the best home for special Ben: “The ideal home for Ben is a quiet one, where he will be treated with understanding and patience,” the staff say.

According to the staff, Ben is not as affectionate as other cats might be, but he has his own unique character. He won’t cuddle and play when he doesn’t want to do so himself, so future owners should know that a cat also has his own personal boundaries, just like a human. We wish Ben to find the most suitable family soon. Be happy, handsome boy!

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