The sick dog couldn’t hide its happiness when people decided to help it

This sweet dog has lived on the streets for more than eight years. During this time it has had a lot of ailments and has been through a lot – but it still has a happy smile on its muzzle. One day people decided to help it…

This adorable creature was picked up in the street in the American city of Houston. When the staff at the local shelter were told about the dog, they immediately went to pick it up – and, of course, started looking for its owners. They asked around and found out that the dog was homeless and had been living on the streets for about eight years. Its story is unknown – one woman just knows it and feeds it from time to time.

The dog was taken to a shelter, named Bear, and started to be rehabilitated. The dog originally had huge tangles in its fur, which were removed first thing. The dog was also found to have heartworm and lymphoma, a malignant tumor. The vets then gave it the first sad prognosis that it had three to 12 months to live. But Bear had other plans.

At the shelter, the dog was actively treated and all the necessary procedures were carried out. After a couple of months of sensitive care and treatment, a miracle happened – remission. Bear’s tumor has gone away. ” Now Bear is seen every week at the vet. It has been in remission for several months now. There are no signs of tumor at the moment and it feels great!” – The staff caring for the dog writes.

You just have to look at Bear’s happy muzzle and it’s as clear as words. Bear has been through a lot, but it still has a smile on its muzzle, and it is a very cheerful, happy, and kind boy. Bear has been in the care of one of the volunteers at the shelter for a few months now. But its guardian and her family loved it so much they decided to keep it with them forever!

Now Bear is doubly happy – and charges everyone around it with its positivity and love of life: “It’s unimaginable that this sweet boy has lived on the streets for most of its life… It shows everyone that life is beautiful and it goes on no matter what. It gives us the incentive to live,” says the owner.

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